We made a music video for the song You're The Voice back in school. It is stupid, but I like it.
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sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
This is a vid my band made. Im the guy reading the magazine that yells a high pitched "YEAH!"

There is a war going on for your mind.

If you are thinking, you are winning.

Resistance is victory.

We are building up a new world.
Do not sit idly by.
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I'd post a video me and my friends made for our Multimedia class, but it's so much fail I don't want to give away the other people in the video's identities.
damn it if only i had my bands boxing videos, jousting videos, obstical course videos, and our random ass moment videos!! then again im not the camera man... I WILL BE BACK AS SOON AS I GET THEM!!
You know you're loved when someone breaks a guitar over your leg and everyone's more concerned about the guitar than you.

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^total philosopher
Wow...I don't know what to say...
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Not allowed to whip out my dick in the middle of class. Ludicrous.

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Is that even Possible?!?!?

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can i go blind by eating purple
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*waits for NinjaSlayHuman and Bizarro's Venga Boys dancing videos*

Same here


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I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

Oh god, there is a whole load of vids I could post, but I promised those involved I would never upload them...
🙈 🙉 🙊