Recently, I read this article in a local paper:


Has anyone heard of fair trade music? It basically is a fair wage, which means that bands see a fairer amount of the cover charge.

It says that venues who participate would get a fair trade sticker if they are part of the program. If they don't see it, they wouln't go to shows at that venue. Think fair trade coffee. Some think that the increased cost to the venue would be transfered to the concert goers and stuff like that.

Here is a letter that was published the next week against the idea:


I don't think that it's a good idea. Shouldn't a band be paid on how good they are/how many people they bring in? Plus, I don't think that people would care, since not going to a certain venue would limit who they would see, plus it isn't like fair trade coffee where you can just walk down the aisle to find coffee that is free trade.

The only way I see this working is if successful artists get behind it (boycotting certain venues), though I don't think that will happen.
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