Whats the main difference between them if used for the body of a Telecaster?
For example would Aldar give a higher tone or would pine?
Your bad you mean Alder.

Beaten to it......

And a great piece of pretty much any wood will yield a great instrument, the tone just differs. Not worse, or better, just different.

A crap piece of alder will sound pretty blah.

A crap piece of pine (of which there are a lot) will also sound a bit blah.

etc. etc. You could liken it to women. Which would you prefer, French, Italian, or Russian?
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Pine is way too soft to be of any worth. Ash is a better choice.
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The original Telecasters where Pine I think. If you want to be true to the oldies, go for that. It is pretty soft though.
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Orignials where made of swamp ash, alder and yellow pine, the main reason they used yellow pine is becuase of it abundace and price, they only used it for a few years. Swamp ash is the most disereable tone from a vintage Tele, although I prefer Alder, swamp ash would be the "classic" tone choice. IMO
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