Well, you know those powerchords at the top of the neck. The ones that are 0 on 1st string, 2 on second, and 2 on third (or one string down).

Do you hold the 2s with your 2nd and third finger, or with your third and fourth finger?
Well for an E powerchord (022) i use my first and second fingers ,but mainly for powerchords il use my first and barrer the others with my pinky.
For that chord I use the 2nd and 3rd fingers, mainly because to me it's a standard E major open chord but with the third removed.
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i used to barre them with my pinky. this poses problems with quickly changing chords and going into arpegios and such though, so now i use my ring and pinky.

edit: didnt see u said at top of the neck. i use my first and second usually.
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i cant really barre with my pinky, so, depending how i branch off that chord, it'll be either my index/middle or middle/ring.
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I either use just my first, but sometimes I use index and middle or middle and ring.... Not helpful to you perhaps...
for the E - 022 2nd and 3rd fingers, that way my index is still free to use on the first fret.
Fade to Black made me play this way, the first strumming part you do the E pwr chord and hammer the B string with ur index making it an Emajor. After that its way easy to go into the C chord. But other songs Ill just barre it with my index. I guess it just depends whats comming after.....
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I like fingering it like I would elsewhere on the guitar and just leaving my index finger over the nut.

That helps keep things consistent and is useful when sliding (like in Francis Farmer)
the correct way is

2 - ring Finger
2 - middle Finger
0 - open

Because your in first position, you need your index finger to be free to grab anything that is along the 1st fret for example
E major chord
0 -e
0 -b
1 index - g#
2 ring - e
2 middle - b
0 - e
Unless I need my index finger for something right before or after, I'll use it. I use index-ring-pinky for all the movable power chord shapes.
With distorion

2 - Index
2 - Index
0 - open

So i easily can mute the other strings with my index finger,

Open chord/clean

2 - Ring
2 - Middle
0 - open