For my next guitar, I want something in between my RG and Strat that's 100% hair metal. I'll be honest, the main reason I want one is because of the aesthetics. I'll get it if it's the middle ground between my RG and Strat. Strats and RGs are my 2 favorite guitars ever but they're so different. I would like something to bridge the gap tonally and feel-wise. How are the necks on them and what's the quality like? I've never seen or played a Charvel in real life but the Seasick Green one with some pink Dimarzios and a knob will look killer.
charvels feel similar to jacksons to me, they both have compound radius fretboards (most models anyway) 12 - 16".

Personally I love them, strat down the low frets, ibanez up the high frets with a neck width/thickness that's about in between.

and you're right, charvels look sick as well. Actually what I want for my next guitar as well
^ +1

Also I find some models very similiar to the old Kramers as well. Check out a Model 88 or some of the Fusion models like the Deluxe. Very nice guitars!!
I have two of the new USA production Charvels. If every guitar in the world came with that neck I'd be happy.
Charvel use to be a custom shop that was brought out by fender. I'd imagine there quality would be similar to MIA strats and they would feel like Jackson Dinky's.
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OK. I have played Charvels, even though I own a Jackson, and they are awesome. ALL of the new USA Charvels are made...in the USA to the same specs of the helter skeltar ones of the 80's hair metal era. Trust me, go to where ever you can try one of these out and compare it against your other guitars. You will find it is VERY easy to play and feels and sounds fantastic. Peace.
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well..... check the BC rich gunslinger retro, just a sugerence

I love the Gunslinger/Assassin
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I played a natural finish one with EMGs once. It sounded awesome. It felt like a super strat in the rawest sense. They took a strat body, put some metal pickups and an FR on it. It has a ton of character.
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The rub of it is that the trems work great, the woods are nice and that the necks are unbelievably good. I've played Suhrs that didn't have necks this nice.
do this.


the atomic standard kills any charvel. always
its handmade in the USA and its under $1000 USD.

all things aside, basically this will sound and play better then a charvel.

Yeah...right. I've never played an 'atomicguitar' and I've never even heard of them. OK, there are small good luthiers, but that logo immediately made me feel it was tacky. Chocie of wood looks ok, but to have to pay $100 extra for having another pickup and a tone knob isn't that hot, even if it is an SD.
Looks like just another superstrat to me, I'd go with what I trust - Charvel. Also, Charvel have guitars with trems, like an RG or strat, which these don't seem to?
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Are the necks unfinished, satin, or gloss? And is the neck joint the same as a strat?
I played a Charvel So Cal about 6 months ago. I remember the neck felt absolutely amazing. I think it was unfinished...or satin. Can't remember, but felt super smooth. The only reason I didn't buy the guitar was because of the large block heel joint. I found it uncomfortable to play the higher frets. Completely subjective though.