Was Courious if its would be possible for a single rectifier to get a similar sound to east bay ray using specific guitars, pick ups, or pedals.
Sounds to me like he used single coils, start with a strat.

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Try maybe the BBE Am 64 I think its called. With a strat. And a little bit of reverb maybe, or a vibrato pedal. I think thats what they use.
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WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.
In videos, I've seen him using a:
-Strat with two humbuckers

And definitely some delay/reverb, especially in the Frankenchrist stuff.
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i bet he plugged straight into a twin with a bit of reverb. a single rec may be able to do it though, but i would recommend open back cabs. def sounds like singles to me too.

you must remember that they were after an 'underproduced' tone, so tone hunting a DK sound is kinda counter productive. just get a single coil guitar and an amp with reverb in it and crank the treble.

edit: about time, DK is one of my alltime favs
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out of curiousity when you say strat do mean the standard HSS model, the deluxe, or vintage?