Hello there, first post on the forums, the frustration of not being able to figure out these songs has given me no other recourse, so I beseech you guitar deities to take pity on a poor mortal and help me out!

The guy's name is Ryan Harvey and the first song is here:

I figured out it's all one chord but I can't for the life of me figure out the note sequences he does after the strums.

And the second song is here:
And it's called if I had a rocket launcher.

For the first one a simple little tab oughta do considering that there's only three or four note sequences after the A minor usually and then the end part where he may use another chord (not really sure, my hearings decently damaged)

For the second one though a regular old chord tab should work out just fine, I'll be able to handle the strumming pattern and stuff just can't work out the chords for the life of me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure there are some awesome musicians on this board who could kill five minutes of time with this. Either post here or e-mail them to me if you think the posting would be too awkward and give you wordwrap troubles. Thanks again, I've been trying to cover these songs forever.
To play PEACE JUSTICE AND ANARCHY, (if you havent figured it out) play Am, C, Em and G... sounds better if you keep your index in the Am position and hit the other notes seperatly! hope this helps.. also keep in mind that your main string in this song is the 5th.. im trying to figure out IF I HAD A ROCKETLAUNCHER by ryanharvey right now! if you know it let me know!! have a good one
Hey, randomly found this post again. I got a chance to watch Ryan Harvey play and I talked to him about a couple songs after the set he did for the expressed purpose of covering them.

For "If I had a rocket launcher" the chord progression is thusly,

C Am G G (Without the high E with finger on third fret, Read Below)

(He tends to use the G chord with just one finger on the high E string, as opposed to the finger barre of the B & E strings, which is a more commonly seen variation)

That being said, I know the first three chords are correct, presumably they all are as I got them from him himself however, I've never been able to imitate his strumming pattern with anywhere near enough accuracy to see if it SOUNDS right.

So given that, if you could somehow take these chords, and if it sounds right to you, make a recording with the playing slowed down so I can hear the nuisance and imitate it I'd be very highly grateful. (preferably on acoustic guitar, although I'm assuming that's what you'd already be playing on)

If that's do-able for you, just post back here and we'll work out someway for me to hear this recording. Hopefully, you could do this for me, and thank you if you do.

However, if you don't or can't, I hope I helped you with getting that song down (It's a personal favorite of mine, first one of his I heard)

Plus, The real problem I've always had with P,J, And A was the little runs he's doing after the Am chord. The first one is easy enough to figure out but the 2nd one that ascends, jumps around, and then descends again is ridiculous to me. I even asked him about that one, and he tried showing me, but I didn't want to take up a bunch of his time even though I wasn't getting it, especially since I picked his brain for two songs prior to PJ&A (that sounds delicious)
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