im looking into getting an 8 string bass with a low f# and i was told that i need a cab with a sub woofer. first off, is this true and second what would be a good suggestion
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I wouldn't think so...
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I would suggest getting a 1x15 cab, if not a 1x18, just to get out the lower tones without sounding too bad. I'm not too familiar with cabs that have sub woofers though, never having heard of them.
Low F#, eh?

I would defintely look into getting 1x18" - maybe like SWR Big Ben, and pairing it with something like a 2x12 cab or 4x10.
When going that low you're going to need at least a 1x15 if not a 1x18...i'd suggest the 18. Also, when you use 18" cabs i highly recommend bi-amping with a 2x12 or 4x10...prolly 2x12 with a tweeter would be my fav here....because with the 18 is trying to push out all those other frequencies it can be hard to get rid of the muddy tone.
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I've never really heard anything good about 18 inch cabs apparently you will have trouble hearing yourself on stage with one?

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I've never really heard anything good about 18 inch cabs apparently you will have trouble hearing yourself on stage with one?

There are too many variables to say that that is just the 18" speaker's fault.

Either way you should go the bi-amped rig route to get a good tone that will cut through.
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Get a good 18" cab something really good, swr, carvin etc.
Now biamp and send all your lows to it and all your highs to a 2x10 or similiar. The 18 will be using most of your power so freeing up a 2x10 or similar will give you a better cleaner tone and less lightly to damage speakers. This will defiantly give you an overall better sound.
read the information in this thread, this will explain what i was at in a better more scientific way.
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There's always the El Whappo Grande. It's a cab with a 21" speaker and a horn/tweeter (don't remember which). They claim it handles F# well, but you're looking at a LOT of money and a LOT of weight to move around. Then again, who am I to talk? I haul an 8x10 around.
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