Months ago i ordered the free issue of the Guitar World magazine, given the option that they'd send me a bill with one free magazine so if I wanted the subscription, I could just pay the bill and the mags will keep coming in. So around 2 months later (now), TWO comes in.. I know one was supposed to come in for like a sample thing but i haven't signed up.. so the 2nd one shouldn''t of come?
I'm just afraid if i dont somehow send them money now or soemthing like few years later they'll **** me with a big bill with overdue fees and stuff like that.. so anyone help with clarification?
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that sucks i read the guy in total guitar here asking for opinions so i asked him to send me a magazine so he did. it sucked tho.
Same thing happened with my friend, except they sent him Maxim. They sent two issues then stopped.
To to the GW website and look for customer support. You can email them directly and they'll email you back the very next day usually. I had to do it once to ask something about my subscription and they were very helpful.
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