How many of ya'll make guitar picks? What do ya'll make them out of? Are they bad for you guitar strings? I Just am wondering because I just started making them and i'm afraid they might be bad for my guitar strings or something.
..well, what do you use to make them?

I've made picks out of old credit cards before, but I never really found a card that was the right thickness..so I just stick with buying picks..
I assume you're talking the ones made improv style, not the ones like robbo is making?

I have made some out of credit cards and stuff...it won't hurt the strings if you're just using plastic.

I've also used pen caps and assorted plastic objects for picks when the pick gnomes have been busy.
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Tag board is my favorite impromptu pick, but I've used paper folded a ton of times, pennies, and other various house hold items. As far as making them on purpose, as long as you don't have a jagged edge I can't imagine it would be bad for the strings.
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