Hey guys, so I just bought a Peavey Cirrus 6 USA and had a question on what I should do with the tuning. Before this, I played with a 4-string in my band with the tuning as Db-Ab-Db-Gb. Now that I have a 6 string, what should I do with the other two strings? I was thinking I should do Ab-Db-Ab-Db-Gb-B.

Also, will changing the tuning in any way on this bass be bad for it? For instance, would it cause tension or anything like that? Just trying to be safe with this.
That tuning is fine yeah. Thta's what I would use.
As for tension..... It will relax the tension on the neck when you loosten the strings.
If it you get a load of fret buzz, take it to a luthier and get it set up for drop tuning.
It should be okay though. You might want to get some heavier gauge if your strings get too floopy as well.
I definitely suggest getting a higher gauge string(assuming you currently have medium/standard gauge) for such a tuning. low Ab will always be a bit floppy but less so with a good 135 on there.
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Down-tuning on a five or a six string bass is a bit different than on a four string bass. That low "B" string can be a pain when you start down-tuning. What is the scale length on your Cirrus?

There are a few bass strings designed for down-tuning. They have heavier, denser cores than tarditional hex-core strings. Dean Markley and GHS make such strings.

Down-tuning may cause floppy strings and a fair amount of frustration, but it certainly won't hurt you bass.