Hi everyone (and that means you too, LOL!)..!

New member here and totally digging all the great feedback (no pun intended) that I have found since joining here in the forum. When it comes to information, this place really is the "Ultimate"!!!

I have an American Strat with %7 strings and I love it. Blond with some new humbuckers and a new tuner. I am experimenting with a new 5 string bass guitar that I like a total ton. I have had an awesome time getting used to this new 5 string bass and the reason is becaue it is sometihng I've never even tried before. The sound and tonal essense is unlike anything I've ever played before, and boy is it ever!

Although this is only my first post I feel like I have been in this forum for a lot longer since I heard from so many of many of my friends who have told me about this forum, and it just seems like I've been in this forum for a long time. The search feature is awesome - so much information just a few nanoseconds away and for the taking! It is really super awesome to learn so much about the bands I like that I thought only I knew about but really lots of others have not only known about but know really well and even more than I new previously, for what that is worth

Thank you UG for putting together such a nice forum where musicians like me can come to exchange ideas about music, guitars, and also to sell old gear. I may not ever catch up to some of you other dudes who have posted so much but I guarantee you one thing and that is for sure.

Hello to all!