I've found a lot of my playing has become heavily reliant on the sound you get when you get your thumb over the neck and use your index finger as the fulcrum, and or the blues position.

When you do that, you end up playing stuff like this guy:


Which is great, if you wanna do hendrix or cover some funk song or blues rock jam. But that's about all it's great for. I mean, I've managed to do some other things with it, like getting weird clean sounds and chord shapes, but that's about it aside from buddy holly type sounds.

I can play in normal position as well, and the obvious answer is to simply practice that more and learn more scales to go along with it, as well as get different picking styles and chromatic techniques. It's just that I usually find myself deviating back to that pentatonic and bending stuff. Anybody had a similar situation and have any advice on where to go next? I'm thinking maybe learning classical guitar techniques and fingerings.