I'm looking to replace my Explorer. I just need something a little toned down in the looks department. The Explorer is probably the best guitar I've ever owned, so I want something with similar neck and playability. Doesn't need to be a Gibson.
Have you looked at a Firebird, they come in Gib$on and Epihphone? Also, you can sometimes find a Jackson Firebird on eBay, like the one Marty Friedman used to use.
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ESP Eclipse. Just sayin...

That is sexy. If I can find a place that sells ESP's near my house I will go play it. You're saying it has a similar neck to my Explorer?
I've got the LTD EC-1000 Korean version, and I don't know how it stacks up against an Explorer neck, but it's reasonably thin and one of the more comfortable necks I've played on.
All ESP necks are nearly the same.
Thin U Neck with 24 XJ Frets.
Ther is the EX,V,Eclipse,M or MH Series.

i like the King V esque one.

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I have UG Black Style and I can barely read my signature.

Also, I like black.

ESP/LTD necks do not feel like Explorer necks.

I say look into a PRS SE or an Epiphone LP Custom. Both are solid guitars that won't break the bank and have necks similar in feel to the Explorer.
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ESPs and Ibanez guitars have mostly thin necks. The Explorer has a relatively thick neck.

I like my Schecter because it has a comparatively thick neck. Not as thick as that of my Explorer, but thick enough to be comfortable. I'd say an LP/Firebird, or perhaps a Schecter Hellraiser if you can find one to test out.
this way, you dont have to spend the 4 or 5 hundos for a whole guitar if your wanting the neck
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Also, I don't think that's really what he was looking for.
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The Jackson Kelly, ESP EX, Ibanez DT770 are all great explorer bodied guitars.
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I always have to recommend a good SG; better access and equivalent tone. Try the Classic if you want a P-90 tone, or the SG-3 if you'd like single coils.
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