So I picked up a Sterling Audio ST31 small diaphragm condenser mic in the not too distant past, and finally got around to pulling it out and using it today.

The mic clip that came with it seems to not fit on any of my mic stands at all! I found an extra shure mic clip that it barely fits in (have to force it pretty good, but it will hold). But still, this baffles me. Was ST simply on crack when they designed the mic clip? or is it possible it is designed to fit a different type of mic stand for some odd reason?
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Sometimes some mic clips will have a smaller thread which you need to use with an adapter in order to get them secured onto standard mic stands.

If you are having an issue with the mic being too big to fit into the clip that came with it then thats another problem and a call to Sterling Audio will have you fixed.
Yeah, there's usually an adapter stuck in there, just unscrew it. There are different mic stands in USA vs in Europe.
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