Im trying to find the right guitar for me. currently I have an Ibanez, im not sure what it is, got it second hand and the guy had no idea what it was.
I dont really like it and Im looking for something better.

What I play: Clean stuff like Pearl Jam and Tom Petty, and City and Colour kind of stuff. I dont want to have just one clean tone though so Im looking for something with a bit of variety. I play a lot of Garage, rock, punk stuff like the Vines so I would need a nice dirty sound, I could use pedals for that though. I also like big Epic stuff like Sigur Ros or Smashing Pumpkins

I played an ibanez artcore, I think it was the AS series and I really loved playing that guitar, and I like the weight of a semihollow body

I second the strat idea
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I dont really like the tones of the strat a lot of the time, and I find them very overused. It just doesnt feel right, I need a uniques guitar that suits me
well if your looking for a very specific guitar ("a unique guitar that suits me") then you'll need to give us more information than just ''i like the weight of a hollowbody'' ''i play blah blah genres".

Do u prefer humbucker or single coil tones? Do you prefer a quick hard tone (maple) or a warm crunch tone (mahogany) or even inbetween with warm mids (basswood). Do you like a maple or rosewood fretboard (maples a fair bit smoother)? Do you have hardware requirements (bigsby, vintage trem, floating trem, tune-o-matic, standard hardtail, good tuners such as grover, 2 vol dials, 2 tone dials, 3 pickups etc etc)? Do you like thick or thin necks (on 1-10 scale with 1 being a wizard prestige and 10 being like an old fender)? whats your budget? Even though its a lesser requirement usualy, do you care how it looks?-some people don't like see-through finishes/gloss/metallic/open poored.

answer me at least some of these so i can narrow it down because at the moment the only guitars youve realy ruled out are acoustics, resonators and guitars with active pickups.