notice the 7 on top of the 6. i dont understand how to play these types of tabs

im new to guitars and would really like some help please
I dont know, i dont think i have ever seen that before, and a quick glance through the tab lessons, and none of them mention it either.

Try asking over in the Tab Talk forum, or perhaps PM the user that submitted the tab?

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From what it looks like, that's a Stairway To Heaven tab, yeah I've never seen anything like that, just either look at a different version, or PM the submitter.
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yeah, thats stairway alright although the formatting is messed. im not sure about the !>#<! part as i have never seen that used before, but you just pick both at the same time. Might mean "let ring" as in the 6 & 7 carry over the B5, G5, notes. This is typically finger picked but you can use a pick and hit the 6 with your thumb or pick and the 7 with your third finger. this is done simutaniously. Try looking up on youtube. Im sure there is a video that should help.
It means to play both notes at the same time. Stairway to Heaven is fingerpicked at the beginning, so play 6th fret on the D string with your thumb while you play the 7th fret on the high E string with one of your fingers.