Well here goes,

I use to have my bedroom on the 1st floor of my house, and my sisters use to share a room in my attic. They would sleep up there, until my youger sister started to have nightmares, she would see things, shadow people, and she would never go back up there, Even my other sister would sleep with a lamp on because she "felt" something in that room. Well, my one sister moved out, and left the room to my other sister(the one who saw things), and she wouldn't sleep up there, she'd sleep on our sofa.

Since my one sister moved out, and the other wouldn't go up there, I agreed to switch rooms, mainly cause I have way too much gear and stuff. I was excited at first because that means more room for me(this is the WHOLE attic we're talking about), but now, I'm starting to freak out.

It started out as little things. The first night I slept up there, I got a terrible cold, couldn't breathe, and when I went downstairs to use the bathroom, I watched a bottle of hairspray move by itself! I don't know if I was seeing things,but I chalked it up to me just waking up. Then, my stuff started to disappear and appear back in different spot, like my cell. I would fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night with my lamp on or the TV turned up loud as hell, and I have no remote. I would wake up to loud thumps on my stairs, with nothing there, and I would hear things drop and move when I was downstairs. The most recent thing is my lamp turned on by itself right in front of me!

My question is, what do I do, should I do some EVP work, take pic, or what?
I'm starting to regret switch rooms and my sister won't switch back.

tl:dr Shit went down since I switched rooms with my sister and I think I'm being haunted

To look on the bright side, I'm thinking of making my experiences into a story for the nightmare inducement thread, with a crazy ending
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VIDEO FOR THE PIT!?!?!?!????

Record everything you do man.

This should be fun.

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