I have a neck that I want to use but it has some dings in like 5 of it's frets. It doesn't cause buzz or anything. It's just more of an OCD thing that gets to me. For those who have done this, is it hard to do? My guess is that it is just time consuming. If it's just really hard to do, how much do luthier's charge for this?
I'm pretty sure thats a luthier thing. Fileing frets is a small thing, like edges (IF IT NEEDS IT) or small rough spots. You could technically take a file to some of the frets if its burred but not really if its a huge thing since you might ruin the frets.
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have a luthier/tech do it.. its one of those things that if its not done perfect, or close.. then it'll reflect in your playability.. you want good action and low/no buzz, have a tech do it.
Expect to pay around $300 for a refret, usually more if the fretboard is bound.

Doing a refret isn't the hardest thing to do, but it's not easy and as you said, its time consuming.

There are loads of sites and tutorials on the web, one of the best is probably this one: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/fretting.htm

Although that tutorial only covers fretting, it says nothing to do with taking the old ones out.

Basically, for a refret your going to have to:
- Pull out all of the frets, putting a damp cloth over the fret and steaming the fret off is probably the easiest and most fretboard conservative way.
- Clean out the slots with a fretslot grime remover or something similar.
- Sand the fretboard to the right radius with a radius block. Start off with pretty coarse sandpaper then work your way up to around 1000 grit. You can go into micromesh etc if you want to spend a bit of extra time to shine up your fretboard.
- Bend the frets. You can usually buy frets pre-bent, but if not you'll have to make yourself some sort of fretbender that bends the frets to a slighty smaller radius/ radii than needed.
- Hammer or press the fretwire in
- Level the frets with a file
- File the ends of the frets so that they're not sharp
- Polish up your frets with some steel wool and possibly a polishing stone.

Then your done. The tutorial I posted and many others out there on the net will explain the process a bit more in detail, just google refretting.

The jobs up to, whether you think your up for it or not.
Its not difficult to do no. But you do need some specialized tools to do a good job. And there is a steep learning curve. As in dont expect your first try at it to have spectacular results.