I want a 7 string guitar. But I am faced with 2 guitars to choose from.
There is a Schecter C-7 Blackjack with a seymour duncan in it that is 600(canadian) obo
and theres a christian olde wolbers jackson dinky 7 string signature for 700 obo
both apparently in great shape with hard cases. They are very similar the only thing is the schecter has 2 pickups and the jackson has one active emg pickup. Which one do you guys think is the better deal? this is on kijiji so I will probably get the price down a bit.
Well I can tell you that the 6 string c1 blackjack played and sounded amazing right out of the box. Two pickups are better then one. Emg's sound like garbage.

Schecter > Jackson
I didn't think VS threads were allowed. In any case, you're the best judge of it because you'll be the one to play it. Try the models out if you can.

On the pickup thing, a guitar with 2 pickups will always have more versatility than a guitar with one, because there are simply more sounds to choose from. I'd get the one with 2 pickups and, if you don't like them, swap them out. But that's just me.
Schecter... I think between the two, it's the most versatile...
and bettr in general.
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Schecter always any time any day
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I bought a Schecter and hated it. Ended up returning it and getting another Jackson.

I'm used to the Dinky sized body and any other guitar (including Schecters) feel gigantic. Also, compared to the Jackson neck, the neck on the Schecter felt too wide and thick for me.

So I vote Jackson.
schecter necks a fiiiiiiine.... i dont see the big problem. im 14, so my hands aren't gigantic or anything. i have a hellraiser c1 and the neck is perfectly fine.
Jackson guitars are ****ing excellent and no matter what anyone says emgs sound good and can handle cleans nicely.
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Schecter always any time any day

sounds like n00b
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I would pick the Schecter because I do mind about versatility (neck pickup, passives). But YMMV.
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I think I am going to go with the jackson, becuase it has active pickups and i really want actives for sure and i want a guitar with a really fast neck.

The Schecter Blackjack has seymour duncan ACTIVE blackouts. Which are apperantly more versitile.. i have yet to try em out
Jackson if you are used to thin fast necks. And overall AWESOMENESS
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yeah jacksons with actives rule, i miss my old model 7, i had a reverse dinky with invaders in it, it rocked. those necks are where its at
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