I took a risk and bought a used MIM Fender Stratocaster for $370. It was either going to be hit or miss with this one. Well it turns out that its awesome. The ONLY thing I found wrong with it is a little fret buzz when you bend the 10th fret on the high e. Thats it. I love strats, I got it only about a week ago, but I havn't picked up and of my other guitars since.

Wow, nice one, and good price too

With that fretbuzz thing, if you have the money you could get it set up. I had a myriad of problems with my guitar, and after I got it set up, all gone Including an issue with fretbuzz where I couldn't bend the 18th fret without it fretting out. Give it a try.
very nice! white with a white pickguard is the best color combo for a strat i think, and especially with a maple fretboard!
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Wow, awesome guitar. My favorite color and wood.
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its the same one I have! congrats.
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Very nice. I wasn't much of a strat fan until I played one one day while rambling at Guitar Center, now I love them. I love white ones too, but by favorite combination is white body, all maple neck, and a black pickguard and accessories. That's the scheme I used with the project Partscaster in my sig.

If I may make a suggestion though, I don't know if your MIM has the big block that's on the new ones or the small zinc block that comes on the MIM bridges when you buy them separately from fender, but if it has the small one, I will tell you from personal experience that replacing that small zinc block with a large steel one from Guitar Fetish or Callaham guitars will make a huge difference in tone and sustain. The GFS piece is around $20, the Callaham is more expensive, but I'm almost sure it's made of better metal. Either one is an improvement.

Sorry to get off track with your thread, I just installed one of those along with some heavy SS saddles on my partscaster which I used a MIM bridge on and I was impressed.

Oh, and HNGD!!!! Enjoy!
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White on white with Maple is one of my favorite color combination.
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That is very good looking, HNGD!
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