this is something i have posted long time before, now its improved, fixed some bars...
it all started with the accoustic main riff....

What do u think?
i really appreciate your crits, i mostly like the negative ones, i know its not a perfect song, so i count on the crits to make it better.........

i do C4C as usual

arpege on Dmin - key change3 - intro.gp5
arpege on Dmin - key change3 - intro.gp4
arpege on Dmin - key change3 - intro.mid
As I listen:

Intro: Nothing special here.

Main Riff: I'm liking this; it sounds great.

Verse: Just kind of continues off of the main riff.

Bridge: I like the idea, but it's kind of "tame" as is, if you know what I mean.

Chorus: This needs another guitar or some kind of other melody or drive to it really badly.

Main Riff: With a higher-energy chorus, this could have an impact; as is, it doesn't really have any meaning.

Verse: Same as before; it needs another instrument, preferably a guitar to define a progression.

Chorus: Pretty good.

Solo: I like this.

Key Change: Still doesn't have any kind of energy or tension.

Outro solo: The lead guitar needs to be turned up a bit, and made to stick out a bit more. It ends kind of abruptly.

Overall, I think this piece has some good ideas behind it, but it really needs some work; it doesn't feel like anything really happens. There's isn't really any energy or tension.

C4C? It's the link in my sig.