After recently finding out that they didn't produce this amp anymore I was in shock.

I've owned this amp before and always loved it. Though after 2 weeks of owning it I traded it in for a more versatile amp (H&K Switchblade). I've always said to myself I would rebuy this amp though. The tones are awesome. So it was now or never. I chose now .

The amp: Ibanez Thermion TN120U.

2 channels, vintage (clean), hot (smoking hot would be better name). Dampening funtion to 'boost' Hot channel (great for leads), Effects loop for... effects (but I use it to boost volume for solos).

So without any further ado, the pictures!

Ofcourse I had to play it immediatley... At band practice .

Ok, here I am just showing off...

Future plan is to buy some sort of A/B/Y switcher to also be able to use my Switchblade.

//Sorry for double post, had to split post to allow more images
WOW I have never seen a Thermion NAD before! Need clips!!

Congrats HNAD!
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I think its USP is that it lights up and it looks fancy in matt black.

Happy fancy new amp day!
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ur pictures make the thermion look awesome... and HNAD
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Ive never heard of this amp. Specs?
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Congrats dude. I kinda want a BJ too 'cause I like them so much. I'll check your clipz later.


Never before have I seen something with that many LED's and shiny parts that didn't look tacky
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Ibanez TN120 Thermion Guitar Amp Head Features:
  • 120W 5%THD @ 4, 8, or 16 ohms
  • All tube signal (NO SOLID-STATE!) line circuitry with mechanical relays
  • 4 x 6L6GCMSTRMATCHED Ruby Tubes output tubes (user switchable to 6550s)
  • 5 x 12AX7A-SELECTED Ruby Tubes preamp tubes
  • HI/LO input impedance switch
  • Two independent channels: Vintage Channel & Hot Channel
  • Tube circuit Effects Loop w/Send and Return Level Control on the front panel
  • Blend/Series switch and 0dB/-20dB switch
  • Illuminated front panel and illuminated Ibanez logo
  • Dampening switch enables different distortion characteristics out of Hot channel
  • Rotary 3-position bright switch in Vintage channel
  • Traditional passive EQ in both channels
  • 3-button footswitch for channel switching, dampening and effects loop on/off.
  • Weight: 50lbs

I will try to make clips at next band practice (any tips on how to easily record?) I don't have a lot of recording gear. Mainly just a webcam microphone.
Dude that thing looks absolutely amazing. I hope it sounds as good!
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i have never tried it before...
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UR amp SUX!

Really, it is quite pretty. I'm sure you can pull some great tones out of it.
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