Ello everybody!

I entered this guitar competition where you post a video of your guitar getting played (has to be the company-Skylark- though).

Anyways I need some support from you guys out there to help me win! Maybe send it to friends and family and explain the situation, I would really appreciate it!

You don't have to watch it if you don't want to though, just click it! If I'm lucky enough to win I'll get to have any guitar from their range up to £250 which would be a great but late birthday present for me.


I really would appreciate it if you guys did help me out

Thanks everyone!
So is it like who gets the most views or something?

That's hardly fair, some people have hundreds of subscribers to help them along.

Your guitar's a bit out of tune in the vid by the way. (Don't mean to sound like a dick here)
If it's most views, whats to stop someone from using firefox with an addon like Tor for random proxy ips and a macro script to refresh the page and change the ip every 2 minutes. Well, if it was for a free guitar for me, thats what I would do anyways. lol.
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sorry, but this technically counts as advertising. gotta close it down. hope you understand.
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