Hey guys,

I have two guitars two choose from, which is the Ibanez RG2550Z and SV5470..

I am trying to be careful of what to buy and this is going to be my second guitar so I don't want to make any mistakes since it also took me quite a while to save up..

I have tried both guitars and I liked both the RG and SV.. Though the RG has the DiMarzio pickups, there was a guy who sort of taught me around the Tru Duo pickups which seemed interesting to me but I know only little of it.. He said that the pickups of the SV is much better in terms of versatility than DiMarzio pickups on the RG..

I kind of play anything that sounds good but I mostly play progressive metal.. (Though I really do need more practice..)

So does anybody know the difference? (Your thoughts on this matter is greatly appreciated... Thanks.. )
i would get a rg 1570 and dimarzio pickups.
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forget what pups do what, (they can be swapped later) the edge zero is the better trem over the synchronised zr

of course if you are buying purely for the pickup qualities you`ve gotta play each guitar through YOUR rig and use your ears but in terms of overall hardware the rg wins here.
The rg is the better guitar over all and remember 90% of the tone is the amp.
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