mainly looking for composition crit plz. my recording gear is crap, my latency is a f'n nightmare... i'll work on making them sound better later, but what i'd really like to know is what you all think of the songs as they're arranged? what would you do differently? stuff like that.

songs are on my profile.

i'll return CC 4 CC.

thanks in advance!

EDIT: anyone???
...oh, wait, i just realized how recently i posted this.
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I took a listen to "Born":

Really dug the intro. Very airy, and it creates a cool "mist" of sound, for lack of a better word. The pacing was well done, with appropriate motion and build-up throughout. The solo was fine melodically in my opinion. The only thing I'd add would be vocals; that intro and heavier guitar riff are BEGGING for something kind of angsty scream over them.

I also really liked the simple drum part; it added alot to the song in my opinion. The quality of the recording could be a twinge better, but I almost like the grit that is currently there. It makes it sound like an old rough cut from the 60's or something

C4C? I think you and I are different styles, but heh, whatever!

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