Hey guys,

I've been practicing on my acoustic guitar for 3months and I should start searching for the right electric guitar(and additional gear) I think.I mostly want to play punk and I will play a lot so I don't really need some crappy beginner package.

OK here it goes then(also non punk):
sum 41,
Good charlotte,
Blink 182(favorite one),
Foo Fighters,
Jimmy Eat World,
New Found Glory,
Papa Roach,
Plus 44,
Queens of the Stone Age,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Rise Against,
Three Days Grace,
The Used,

If there is some good stuff between 200-250euro but I could spend a little more if needed.
3 months? Isn't that kinda early?
I started on electric after 2 years of acoustic.....

Punk right? Anything that is Fender-ish in design will do.

Whats your budget? I can recommend a guitar worth a hundred clams. Can also suggest something worth twelve thou.

EDIT: 250 euro?
Hmm.....look at squires. Also at Ibanez. LTD makes nice guitars at that price, but they wont suit your style, so stay away. An Epiphone?

Just go to the guitar shop and try out everything you et your hands on. Take whatever feels nicest.

As for amps.......looks like a Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube are your best bets. Unless you can find a used HT-5.
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for first electric, I'd spend most of budget on the guitar, and get a cheap starter amp...

Peavey Vyper 15

Squire Classic Vibe Strat

this will stretch your budget a bit to around 300 Euro, but you said you would go a little more if needed.
Well, it's needed. You really don't want to cheap out on your guitar...

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Do you guys think buying a guitar from someone is a good idea?(already used I mean)
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Do you guys think buying a guitar from someone is a good idea?(already used I mean)

yes cause you can find even better equipment which retails for more new and would have you set for longer :P
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Do you guys think buying a guitar from someone is a good idea?(already used I mean)

Yes, i bought both my guitars used. It was a lot cheaper.
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I suggest Agile guitars, very VERY good quality for the price.

Concerning other gear.. well, Vox makes some good beginners amps. The AC30 (I think that's what it's called...) is a nice modeling amp, it has a partially-tube preamp, and imitates some higher-end amplifiers pretty well with adequate tweaking. I would suggest staying away from a few brands like Marshall, Line-6, and Fender for cheap amplifiers. Also, don't be worried with power (wattage) at this point, even 5 watts will be loud enough for playing in your bedroom, and I can't think of an amplifier that's less than that.

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Yes, look used. I agree with people saying spend the majority of the money on the guitar. Usually I think the amp is more important, but at your price point and experience, a used 150-200euro guitar is the minimum I would spend. I have no recommendations, but for punk tones almost anything will work, just make sure it is decent quality.

If you can, check out any potential guitars with someone experienced, they should know what to look for.
Which guitar brands I should stick too?Cuz I don't really now the cheap/crappy ones but I would like to filter them out.