Still, really funny. Props to Muse.
I tip my hat to them
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Once I fucked a mountain gorilla and it couldn't even tell me it loved me afterward.
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Mental you get my vote for making me laugh for more than 3 minutes
oh, old story? my bad

figured it couldnt be Toooooo old cause the album was released a month ago...

oh well, for those who didnt catch it...

i did search though!?

Wow those people were clueless

And what's with the ****ing soccer in the background?
That's soo last moth.
But still extremely funny.
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
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Kudos . Iron Maiden did something similar for a German show. Mid song Bruce Dickinson got in the drums, one of the guitarists began singing... All while the song played perfectly .

EDIT: Linky

lol @ link, i love how theyre all like switching instruments and blatantly not trying go along with the lip sync

Those silly Italians.
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Apparently they interviewed them after and thought Dom was the lead singer and bassist.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Wow those people were clueless

And what's with the ****ing soccer in the background?

it's an Italian soccer show on public TV, since they don't show the actual games. They also invite guests and generally try to be funny.

Forza Juve

'e voglia 'e mettere rum, chi nasce strunz' nun po' addiventà babbà
Doesn't matter that its old, i didn't know about it and i found it a crease xD
thread was made a few weeks ago. look harder next time
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yeah im not at gc dude, i dont live there.

Didn't Nirvana do something like this ages ago?
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