Greetings all UGers.

Would any of you be able to recommend some acoustic stuff by any bands? The really laid back chilled stuff. I mean I know alot of bands, but I'm looking for stuff like Pantera's Cover of 'Planet Caravan', Down's 'Jail' & the last 1:20 seconds Cryptopsy's 'The End', that kind of stuff to be specific.

I listen to too much DM and would like chilled out stuff to listen to aswell to create a nice balance. I have Opeths stuff & do love their acoustics I just want more full acoustic tracks. I just love the trippy kind of acoustic like the ones I mentioned. I have Tool's stuff aswell which is nice to listen to when you're in a relaxed mood. Maybe I'm just being greedy? I just feel I need to broaden my chilled out music as the percentage it has to straight up metal is quite worrying haha.

To broaden it up a bit: Anything with acoustic or clean guitars or harmonies[sp?] on electric or acoustic. Stuff that is really pleasing to your ears. Mind you people have different opinions to what is pleasing to their ears so this could be quite hard. I love the start of Hollow by Pantera before the chugging kicks in aswell. & Afraid to Shoot Strangers & Wasting Love by Iron Maiden.
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The infinity of the stone - Nile
Pouring Reign - As Blood Runs Black
Greyson - All Shall Perish
The last relapse - All Shall Perish

Oh, and:
The Eerie Cold - Shining

Classical music?
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Classical music?
Yeah I love Classical I listen to that aswell I'm pretty open minded. I have a CD by Paganini & Bach. Preferably just plain acoustic for classical & I love the sound of the harp aswell if you know of any composers who use it. Also, do you know any flamenco guitar players? I looove that.
I know Paco de Lucia, but I'm not sure it's flamenco... and I don't listen to his music much, although what I heard was amazing.

My favourite classical music is harpsichord, so basically I listen to a lot of Handel's harpsichord suites. But also Bach's cello suites and harpsichord concertos. It's often baroque music with one or just a few instruments that I really enjoy.
Chad Hatcher has a really interesting sound, he sings and plays guitar to hip hop drum beats. He's really talented
Paco de Lucia is Flamenco, if you're looking for flamenco I suggest you look at the link in my sig.
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Opeth- Harvest is pretty cool
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Any song by City And Colour. Its all acoustic and sounds amazing.

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