I have a Tokai Flying V (same as 67' Gibson Flying V design) and I want to pot the pickups. I tried taking the scratch plate of last night and failed miserably. Does anyone know how to take a scratch plate of a Flying V? It'll be the same as a Gibson Flying V.

I get as far as unscrewing the height adjustment screws and then dead end!!

This leave me with the two holes which the height adjustment screws for the bridge, screw into. But these holes have some sort of fitting at the top which prevent the removal of the scratchplate. Its bound to come off some way I was wondering if someone can help me.

I'm afraid of damaging my guitar, I'm only familiar with working on strats.

If its the same as mine with 2 big pin like things that the hight adjustment screws into then all you have to do is unscrew all the screws holding the scratch plate in place out and then grip just under the scratch plate where the wood is on both sides (where the big pins are) and slowly and firmly pull it up and the pins will slide out as they aren't screwed in they are just slotted in.

Hope that makes sense and works for ya
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I'll try this. Those big hole/pin things are indeed the same I think, it doesn't look like they overlap the pickgaurd anymore so this is why I was miffed when it wasn't coming off (I had all the mounting screws out too )

So what your saying is grab under the scratch plate, but as near to the height adjustment screw holes, and try sliding it up?

Ok Will try this. When I started seeing my scratchplate bending with any amount of effort I freaked out!! Didn't wanna hurt my baby.

Will try and get back with results.