Well, titles says it all. The input cable's fell into the amp, and I have to open it up to do this. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide (preferably with pictures too). I'm asking because I'm curious about how much I should remove before opening, as removing the ones on the back obviously isn't enough (or mb i did something wrong).

Thanks in advance!
what fell into your amp? Input cable's what?
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I would think you'd call it the input - where you insert your cable from your guitar. I realised i wrote the wrong thing in my original post. I've had people do this for me before - open it and put it where it's supposed to be, but never actually seen how anyone has opened it. Therefore I'm not completely sure what to use my screwdriver at.
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Just unscrew all bolts on the back of the amp. Then unscrew all bolts on the sides besides the two bottom ones. If it's the first time opening your amp (which apparently is), the back is gonna be slightly hard to remove. I suggest you use some superglue for the input, otherwise it will keep falling off. It's a common issue among Valvetronix amps.
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that happened to me before, andi have same amp.

i opened the grill thing at the back with pliers. theres no way to open amp by screws. so i ripped open grill, and stuck my fingers in there, and pushed it back through the hole it goes in, and grabbed in and screwed the thing back on it
The back comes off. People remove the backs all the time and replace the speakers and the tube. No big deal.