So as some of you may know, i've been searching for a tele with humbuckers in. Well my friend was telling me how under the scrach plate of his strat there are big holes for pickups to fit in so if he got a HH Scratch plate he could put two humbuckers in although its a HSS strat atm. I dunno if that made sense, but i was wondering if Tele's are the same and if i got a HH scratch plate i could turn any tele (if it had the right bridge) into a HH tele?

Sorry i know alot of that doesn't make sense.
The neck pickup, yes. If it is routed for a humbucker, you can get a pickguard with one and fit it, but the bridge pickup is dependent upon the bridge. If it is routed for a humbucker, then you will be able to fit one, but you'd need a new bridge.

I'm pretty sure most tele bodies are routed like this, so I'm afraid not.

EDIT: And of course there's the bridge issue. You're better off looking for a '72 Custom, John 5 or Jim Root model.
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Sorry mate not the same with teles


EDIT: I love the instant google image search

And if the Jim Root/John 5 teles aren't your cup of tea, maybe looking at building one yourself through warmoth, haven't tried to myself but other users have made some pretty stuning guitars from warmoth parts
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Most tele's are routed for tele pickups. The bridge usually routed for single coils. I've seen a few where the neck is routed for humbuckers. I've also seen some with slots for a middle pickup. You could always route it yourself. It'll probably be ugly but it's under the pickguard so it's not visibly terrible.