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budget, any preference for tones?

Bright tone and around 400 US dollar.
Check Seagull out, as they have a lot of guitars in that range. They're bright guitars, but I've heard a lot about how they don't have much depth. I found that on one Seagull, but that was the only one I've tried, so I can't say for sure. Definitely check them out though.
Also check out Washburn. The one I played (D10 series, I played several) all had great playability.
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Erm, actually, no. There are only two Seagull models with a slim neck -- the S6 Slim and the Entourage -- and my Entourage happens to be the darkest-sounding guitar I've ever played. (Which is why I like it, but I digress.) I haven't played the other one, but they're essentially the same guitar apart from the finish. Seagull is otherwise quite famous for its extremely thick necks.

If you want a bright tone, look for a Takamine -- I'm not sure if Taylor makes any in that range, but I hear they're pretty bright too. Maybe check out a few Ovations; they're not everyone's thing (certainly not mine), but they might be easier if you're used to an electric guitar's feel, and the full-size ones will certainly get a bright sound.

I have no idea why you started talking about necks.

But yeah, TS, go for a Seagull.
seagulls have about the best sound in the price range. you might also want to try a yamaha fg730s, which is bright and silvery with a slender neck, great tone and good build quality. if it weren't for the slender neck, i'd still own one.
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It was my first guitar and I really don't like it.

What don't you like about it?
Takamine for sure. Thin necks (a little thinner than is "standard" for acoustics) and a bright tone. I wouldn't go Ovation unless you're plugging in, and even THEN I still wouldn't.
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