yeah so how much would I get (in pounds) if I traded in my Ibanez S470B?
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I would ask a trade-in store, or any music shop that accepts trade ins that question, it varies by guitar and how much the store/owner/etc feels its worth.
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There's not going to be a set price.

It depends entirely on the shop, age and state of repair of the guitar.
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Go to a store and ask, it can vary from place to place though, it wont be a lot though as they have to make a profit.
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They will buy it off you for much much less than they want to sell it for - typically under 50% of what they will then put it on show for, from my experience.

You might be better off selling on eBay or other private methods.
Try selling it on a classified such as Craigslist first, the most money will be there with no cost. With eBay the selling price can fluctuate a bit and there are always fees to post and a percentage for the final sale. I feel a music store will offer you the least value since they themselves have to turn it around for a profit.
For a rough idea, go to ebay and find all the ones sold like yours, average the SOLD FOR price and take half. Thats how GC does it.

+1 on Craigslist
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you have to sell on your own-- GC and other stores will give you next to nothing-- not their fault- they have to sell it for you--
Stores will give you 60% of what they can sell it for used, or at least thats how much Guitar center does. Anyways thats pretty good number to go off of.
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NEVER trade in stuff. It is never worth it. Even people who work at guitar stores tell me to just sell it myself or just keep it an save. There is really no point.
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