Hey UG!

I am selling my Rocktron v80r. I also have this up on craigslist so if it sells there I'll ask to have this closed.

I've been using it as a practice amp for awhile and it does a decent job.

It's 2 channel, separate eq and volume for each. It has an effects loop, line out, and all that stuff. It has reverb on there too but it doesn't work (or if it does, it's barely noticeable). It didn't work for me when I got it either.

The clean channel sounds pretty decent. The distortion channel isn't as good but I was running an eq so that helped out. It is by no means terrible though. It takes pedals well too. And because it is 80 watts, if you wanna turn up every now and then you can do that as well.

I figured I'm on UG almost all day so I'd ask anybody here if they wanted my Rocktron.

I live in Michigan in the US. Specifically in Lincoln Park (it's a suburb about 10 - 15 minutes away from Detroit). We can do the sale locally or I can ship.

I'm thinking 100+ shipping. (if you aren't nearby)

I need the cash but you you do have something interesting for trade I might consider it also.

Thanks for looking!
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