So, I've built a few tube amps, but I'm looking to understand more about how they work.

My girlfriend got me Gerald Weber's "Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials." It's an okay book. There's nothing too technical in it though, and a lot seems to be opinion.

I've got a decent grasp on how the preamp should be designed, but I'm also ordering Merlin Blencowe's book about preamp design.

My knowledge of why everything in the power/output section is there/how it all works together isn't that great.

I'm looking for book that gives good/technical information about the output and power section of a tube amplifier. If there is one that is geared more towards guitar/bass amplifiers, it'd be prefered.
dunno about books so much.
i had a copy of Jack Parr's book on guitar amplifiers. it wasn't all that good, imho.

Good stuff online:

Fun With Tubes read the sections on Audio Amplifiers - How they work.

Randall Aiken Click the link marked Tech Info. Good reading.
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Thanks SYK. I'll put those in my Favorites on Internet explorer.

My eyes start to hurt from reading too much stuff online (even with the brightness turned down), so I was hoping for a book.

I'll read through those, though I might end up printing most of it.