Currently using a Marshall mg100dfx, bored of the tone and can't get a decent distortion sound of it, just sounds weak. Looking for a new up amp, up to 200GBP or more if it's really worth it. Any suggestions? Liking the Line6 Spider IV 30.
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Try liking the Vypyr 30 more. Is has more amp models, more FX, and IMO the tone is better based on samples I've heard. I've never used a Spider but I do have a Vypyr 15 and can vouch for them being good amps in your price range.
I second the Vypyr. Spider III's sucked, and I expect the IV's do too. I'd avoid them.
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VOX AD30VT. Has awesome cleans and distortions. The effects are also nice in it
Checking out the Vypyr 30, sounds so much better than my Marshall!!
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If you want a great Distortion, the Spider Valve and the Tube Vypers are the best Modeling amps Ive used. Be warned, the S Valve is loud as Satan. I like the functionality of the Vyper a lot more than line 6, so much more effect possibilitys. Youll def. want the Sanpera Foot Contoller, (I just wish it wasnt so god awfully ugly).

Distortion wise - Non Modeling - at bargain prices, Id look into the new Bugeras, V22, and the others. Good price, good tone, great value.
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