im am looking for a new amp for band practise as we are currently all sharing a 100w multi intrument amp or else im using my friends bass amp...unfortunatly the drums are pretty loud and we have problems with this so im not sure how loud i need to get it

im looking for an amp of about 65 watts...i hope its good enough
the stores next to me have fender, hiwatt, behringer and laney (but im sure i could find other makes elsewhere) and i play a squier strat

i liked the look of the laney lx65 (both r and d), would it be a good amp for me
i play alt rock, grunge and classical rock (definently not metal ad oter muscis in that genres so eavy distortion is not that important, i also have a boss ds-1)

i can get it for about 230 euro...is it worth it or can oyu suggest another amp?
65 watts is a little too high, even if it were solid state.

Now i'M going to suggest an all tube amplifier because they generally ARE better then their solid state brothers.

Now i'm going to suggest something like a 5 watt, or maybe even 15 watt for band practice but your cleans might not get through because of the low headroom of 5 watters.

230 EU could get you;
Blackheartt Little Giant
Epiphone Valve Junior
Blackheart Handsom Devil (might not)
Epiphone Valve Senior (if it does get released)

It would be a whole lot awesomer if you could strech your buget up to let's say 300....

Also are you willing to go used?
i would prefer not tube for now...i just want a simple solid state...even if sound quality is less

how loud is 65W when compared to my friends 75w bass amp
cos if its more or less the same then it would be good enough (if its extra i dont mind putting it at lower volume)...plus a dsp table would be good (which im not sure tube amps ave

i was then thinking in the later future of getting a small (like 5 watt) tube and connecting it to the larger state amp...not sure if it can be done though

my friends drums are exteremly loud btw...and i dont really want to push a lower volume amp
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65 watts is a little too high, even if it were solid state.

Not for band usage. It's just enough to get over drums, usually.

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i was then thinking in the later future of getting a small (like 5 watt) tube and connecting it to the larger state amp...not sure if it can be done though

Doesn't work like that. First you have to bring the first amp down to line level. So you stick a dummy load in between it and the speakers. Then you take that output, and send it to your bigger power amp. However, this is still only going to be as loud as a the power amp.

Grab this:
what is it exactly and how much would it cost (i didnt understand the website besides for a bit hear and there and on line6.com theres not much info)
it looks really cool...ill have to search around but hopefully ill find one
it isnt tube right (not sure what tube modelling means...probably just tries to sound like a tube amp)
seems good though, if there are any other suggestions please say
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do you need a clean sound? if you do, this isn't for you, but the peavey windsor combo is only 285 euro on thomann!

ill look at it thanks but most of the songs i play use normal or light distortion (such as chili peppers, nirvana, muse, led zeppelin)

can anybody give me the price of that flextone from a normal stores...the online stores would have a difference in price i think, im not sure by how much though

but if i cannot find the line6 (it seems to be a less popular model)would the laney be okay (id prefer if i didnt order as shipping is high to where i live and i want to try it out)

i didnt see the b stock on the website...does anyone have any idea ifits still in production?
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also my i ask if it is worth getting the flextone over the laney lx65R (which i know the shops have for sure) if there is a massive difference in price

the laney is only 228 euro which is honestly not a lot
but if there is amassive difference (like a 100 euro) then i prefer not to get it
yeah but im gonna have to get them form a shop as i cant order
i doubt they'd still have b-stock

in which case would the normal amp be good r is it expensive
if i get the laney (as its the only decent amp thats around my area that i can think of) would it be good

im also scared that with all the stuff on the flextone ill get confused and not get the right sound (32 different sounds is a lot, wouldnt have an idea on what to choose)
but ifi do get say the flextone or the peavey or the laney would it last me a long time before id want to change it
would it be good enoughto get all of the potential out of a fender when i get one which would be in a few years time or would i need to upgrade again
if you live in germany have a look at musik productiv.com as well they have a huge showroom / shop just outside of osnabruck and i have found them always to be pretty cheap and can deliver as well
ive been (amazing shop!!!) but i dont live there
so anyone knows if these amps are worth getting and keeping for a couple of years?