How do bands record in studio? do they each play an instrument at the same time with different recorders or do they just do it in one go as a band? or do they just record one at a time and throw it together at the end?
depends...most use a click track and do each instrument in turn...i think iron maiden still does it live tho

down to how good they are and personal preference
ya i guess that would make sense, it would be hard to get a perfect line on such complicated material.
depnds on how they want to record. they probably use all of them eventually
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It sorta depends. There are a lot of ways to do it. From what I know, they usually have everyone playing it but usually in separate rooms (each instrument to a track and to keep any other sounds from it). Sometimes they record everyone at once, and keep working on it over and over. Other times they record a few instruments as the base and have everyone else record around that. There are a lot of different things that could happen.
If I remember right, Dragon Force would play the same parts over and over again because they would make so many mistakes and just cut all the good parts together. Mostly stuff like their solos. I think all bands though do a little of the cutting the mistakes out with other recordings they were doing. Ex: Recording1 had the first 2 minutes good with no mistakes but the ending sucks, Recording2 had a bad beginning but ending was good. Put them together.
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Depends on how you want it in the end. I've done like first some bad basic drums, then basic bass, then basic guitar and basic singing, then do everything good one by one and so on.

I know Maiden did the "play and record everything live together in the studio"-thing, wich they are pretty known for, at least during the 80s when they were at Harris own studio (maybe earlyer also). To catch the "live-feeling" from the band. I find this the easyest way, but some sounds can get in other microphones and so on, and you need a lot of inputs in your mixertable/recording thingy.

But to get the most exact, perfect recording, you do it one by one and retake and paste to get it great.

And about Dragonforce, they just abuse the cut and paste and record-over thingys when they record their albums, they overdubb everything, so ****ing hilarous.
You can do it multiple ways. I find the easiest is to record each track seperatly and then do some post process editing on each track indivdually. You can also record everything at once, but that tends to make post editing difficult.