Stickers will not stay on your fretboard forever, they will wear off, and probably leave a sticky/greasy mark. However much an advert says that they won't wear off...they will. Real shell inlays, however, aren't that much to buy, and you can do it yourself. Not a very difficult job, if you have the kit.
if you're going to get those, get the Jason Becker ones!
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im a slash fan so im going to get those

thnx for the help guys
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Quote by shadow-guitar
im a slash fan so im going to get those

thnx for the help guys

sticker inlays suck
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sticker inlays suck

not true at all, my guitar teacher had them, they stayed on for ages (several years) and he gigged with it, they are specially designed to stay on the guitar
They are actually not bad. I was dead set against them but my son wanted to spruce up his War lock. It was his guitar so I wasn't going to argue with him. They have been on the guitar now 5 years and never peeled, faded or hurt the way the guitar played. I say if you like them go for it.