For the past year i have a problem with my video card.
For example tried to launch World of warcraft
When the game starts after about 3 seconds the game freezes,
then resumes then freezes then resumes then freezes and doesnt resume.
Theres a window which says VPU Recover (thats a ATI function,when the computer stops responding to commands of display driver it resets)
I have a ATI Radeon X800.This problem ocours even when the little winamp window shows up.What to ****ing do?
re install/update the video drivers.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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get nvidia
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1) buy a version of drivercleaner
2) download the lates driver from ati's website
3) uninstall your display driver
4) reboot in SAFE MODE
5) run drivercleaner and clean all drivers related to ati
6) reboot
7) install the new driver
8) reboot
9) report back if that worked

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