Right, basically I've just joined a band playing bass and we're off on tour in a week, and again in november round the uk, and will be doing so next year around europe. It's all pretty exciting.

This means I'm gonna need to buy a pedalboard case, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good one at a decent price. At the moment I only use two pedals (a blackstar ht dual and a boss tu 2 tuner), but something to fit 4 maybe 5 pedals would be great so i can use it for guitar also.

is something like this alright? http://www.spider-engineering.co.uk/music/typeproducts2.asp?id=4379-2678

I know I could build one and certainly am keeping that in mind, especially if buying one is a bit expensive for myself.

Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a decent bass hard case (i play a jazz bass if it helps), then I'm definetly open to suggestions, although I'm using a friends one at the moment.

Thanks guys!
Not a problem you might need a power bank too but maplins offer quite a good one for £20.
You run a bass through a HT Dual? That must sound cool.
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