alright peeps,
i was just playin and my b string snapped and i think i know the reason.

the string broke right at the bridge and when i looked at the broken end it was not a clean straight break it was angled perfectly, so i think there might be somethin wrong with the saddle. its not my pick angle cuz i hold the pick at an angle always(.60mm nylon jim dunlops). and the strings were brand new i just strung it a week ago(.10 GHS boomers)

this old country player showed me how to string a guitar and he told me "never take all the strings off at the same time, do it one at a time" and thats what i usually do, but i want to clean my frets and clean out the saddles cuz i noticed some gunk in there which i think might be the source of the string break. so i guess my questions are:

Is it ok to take all your strings off all at once then string rather than one at a time?

Is it possible that the nasty black **** built up in the saddle the source for the string breaking?

any help would be much appreciated!!!
Since its the first time you broke a string in 3 years, I wouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly. I think it was just a bad string. Just the other day I bought myself some elixer 9 gauges. When I strung up the high e, I got up to a d when I was tuning it up, and it snapped. Brand new high e snapped. That was just a bad string because it has'nt happened again.

I only take off all my strings at once when I have to clean and condition the fretboard.
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You can take off all the strings at once with no harm to your guitar.
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all stringscan be taken off...the whole thing about it being bad is nonsence (supposedly), ive taken them all off and its still fine

mate after 3 years you expect a string to tear, hell after 3 months mine would tear under a bend (has before...ouch!)
I just bought a pack of strings and my b string broke while I was tuning at right after stringing it. The bridge is most likely not the cause, it was just a faulty string. Most guitar stores will replace it if you still have the receipt since manufacturers give a warranty.
It's different if you take off the strings and leave the guitar like that for a couple of days or so I guess. But I always clean my fretboard and other places I can't reach with the strings on when I change strings, so I take them all off every tiem. And all my guitars are doing just fine =)
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Taking off all the strings at once is fine; it's the only way you can clean a guitar properly. If the string broke at the bridge it might be something with the saddle, it might have some dirt in it or it may need sanded slightly.
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it's either a bad string or a saddle that's gone bad
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