so basically id like to know how to go about putting a veneer onto an arch top guitar, namely an epi les paul gothic that i have in my possession and will soon be "doing up"

and before anyone says it, yep ive tried Google and yep ive tried project guitar, but there veneer tutorial shows one being put onto an ibanez RG or something, which obviously isn't an arch top lol

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You buy a vacuum press.

It is going to be extremely hard to put a veneer onto a guitar that bends in more than one plane, e.g. a carved top.

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It can work. The big boys do it. My Cort has a paper-thin flamed maple veneer, an so did my friend's Ibanez SA. Both have carved tops.
How did you do it?

If you get a piece of A3 paper and press is down with your hands around the carve, it doesn't work, you get little wave things.

My guess is that you used a vacuum press?
I'm not working at the Cort or Ibanez factories, so I can't tell for sure... My guess is that an industrial vacuum press just forces it to conform... the ripples you get if you press veneers down onto relatively shallow curves manually aren't aggressive enough that it'll actually , so a glue-soaked veneer sheet might be soft and malleable enough to smooth itself out.
There used to be a tutorial on project guitar about how to do it with sand bags. Otherwise most people use vacuum presses. Most people I know make their own out of old fridge pumps that you should be able to obtain free from a local recycling tip. I don't know where to find instructions on how to make the conversion from fridge pump to vacuum pump but I bet if you go the the luthier forum or MIMF then they will be able to tell you how to do it.
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You could try steaming it. The guy who's woodshop I use just made his own steaming system. It might make it easier, especially in conjunction with a vacuum press
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