We currently use audacity and a mixer with 2 cheap radioshcack mics; one goes to the singer and the other sits next to the drums and guitars. The thing is, our sound isn't all that great as far as quality goes.

So would getting a nice mic make our sound much better?

We're considering these:




What would you guys recommend if we want to use the mic to record all of us playing at once? Think just putting the mic in the middle of the room, playing and singing at the same time.

We're leaning towards the shure SM57

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You guys are far from getting good sound......
You guys should really consider recording one by one if you guys want decent quality..
Consider a condenser mic also.
Those shures are great but more for live performances.
in short.
Record one by one.
condenser mic is a better option.
upgrade your computers sound card.
try out fruityloops because i feel it will give you more options for what ever you want.
hope this helps.