I recently got a Wesley Freeport as something to mess around on while I work on my SG. I paid very little for this guitar and was not expecting much at all. However, when it arrived I was kind of surprised by it, but there are issues. Firstly, the action was incredibly low, way too low for me and the e and b string were buzzing on certain frets. I raised the bridge a bit to see if it would help and it did a little. As an experiment I packed the horribly cheap bit of plastic (which I think is supposed to be a nut) up a few mm, and that solved the issue almost completely. The innotation is still pretty bad though, but that´s probably to be expected. Next issue is string breakage. It breaks them on it´s own, without me even touching it. I restrung it and stuck some decent strings on it. Played a couple of times, come to play it next morning and the e is snapped near the bridge. It´s done this a couple of times. So I think the bridge needs to go. Electrics and pickups aren´t too bad. The guitar does sound quite nice clean, distorted it just sounds awful. So electrics needs redoing. I might keep the PUP´s (p90´s by the way) for now and see how it sounds after a new bridge, nut and electrics.

Now after that brief story :p , on to my question. The bridge looks a bit weird to me. The treble side is way closer to the nut the bass side (see picture). I know that it is not uncommon for them to be closer, but normally it´s only a couple of mm difference, isn´t it? This thing has about 6mm difference between the posts, is that normal?

Finally, if I do those mods, is it going to improve the innotation, feel, string breakage and sound of the guitar? I know it´s never going to a be Fender or Gibson, but it does look really nice (the picture doesn´t do it justice, the finish is amazingly shiny and well done) and is quite a nice guitar to play. Like I said, I does sound fairly decent clean, so it has some positives.

Here´s a picture I robbed of the Google to show what it looks like. Mine is identical to this.

I was thinking about buying one of their guitars, or some sort of cheapo gutiar that at least has well built body and neck made out decent wood, some of the guitars actually seem like they're worth the money simply for that, and then I'd just strip out the pickups and other things that are craptastic.

I'd love to buy a guitar building kit, and I probably at some point, but theres something about some of these cheapies, if they're well made it might be worth it.
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Come on, you necrobumped to say you're thinking of getting a cheap guitar?

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