nah just kidding but.

what do you Europeans thinks about this scandal happening over there.

a vewy, vewy awful mistake that could have gone horribly wrong.

i havent taken my vaccine yet but, these are the guys making them for your side of the pond.

its really wierd.
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Well, the whole idea of vaccinating someone with a strain of the virus to make them invulnerable to it is both brilliant and really dangerous.

Looks like someone's getting fired.
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its strange how theres still responsible for making them vaccines were going to use.

even tough they meesesed up this big.
Hehe, misleading title or what!

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Oh and, i've just wasted about 9 seconds of your life.

i like how a completely nuetral source references the original report of the story.

not to mention how the strains are inconsistent.
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