So since i built a $1200 computer over the summer, it's not surprising that my parents are cutting back on my budget for what I get for Christmas.

While there is plenty of other stuff I need (a new bass amp, more pedals, a new TV... and i know, and a job apparently ), they won't spend that much on me. So I've been forced to cut back to something I've been meaning to do for quite a while now, but hasn't been a high priority. Since it's the only thing in my budget, I finally plan on doing it.

As the title states, I'm going to replace the pickups for my Fender Telecaster, well to be more specific, the bridge pickup. It's a MIM Tele I got around last Christmas. I love the thing to death, and it sounds great, but the pickups aren't high output enough for my needs. I can't get clear harmonics, and two handed tapping sounds sorta muffled and unclear. I know it isn't any of my other gear or my technique because I can get clear harmonics and tapping on my buddies Ibanez when he brings it over.

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So I need to know two things:

1. What is a good quality, high output bridge pickup for my Telecaster?

2. How do I go about replacing it? Are there any good tutorials? Preferably video or something with clear photos. This is my first time doing any serious modification to a guitar, so I'm going to need a lot of help in this field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Maybe a hot rails for the bridge?
and check out the wiring tutorials etc, around here, they should set you up
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i'm actually looking to do something similar to my MIM telecaster
i have heard that GFS pickups are of reasonably high quality for the price
they also have some higher output bridge models for the tele
heres a link to some of their tele and strat models

I can vouch for this, I've bought a set of tele pups from GFS, and for 60 dollars they certainly dont sound like it.