I just got a job, so I've been putting lots of thought into my next bass. I'm considering the Fender Deluxe P Bass Special because I love the P-body shape and the feel of the J-bass neck.
my current bass has a maple fretboard and I like it. But a few of my bass player friends say that rosewood is better playing than maple. Plus, I like the look of rosewood better than the look of maple.
So which do you prefer?

Edit: Forgot to mention one thing: Tonal difference. Which one is better for a standard alternative rock tone? What kinds of differences should i expect?
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i love maple so much better, and it feels so much nicer, and its way softer. i think its usually more expensive too.

*edit in reply to your edit* im not to sure, i'd think that because maple its softer, it would absorb more of the vibrations and make a warmer pizzicato-ier sound.
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Maple has a slightly brighter, bouncier attack than rosewood, which is slightly more mellow and warm.

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^I prefer maple because of the looks, feel and upkeep (I have to oil my rosewood fretboard frequently..).

Tonally, yes maple is supposed to be brighter, but its extremely subtle if it is.
I like the look of maple more (love it on my P bass), it is supposedly brighter, I get sometimes feel like it has more "snap" to it, if that makes any sense at all. Its all just a personal choice, it wont make too terribly much of a difference in the end
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Just go for whatever looks/feels the best to you I think the tonal differences are minimal.

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While on the topic of necks, I also prefer maple, but where would someone get a new neck? If I got something like say this, how hard would it be to install the string trees. I can't seem to find any instructions on this...(I don't mean to hijack the thread by the way, it just seems like this might be relevant information to changing bass necks)
A lot of places sell new bass necks; particularly Fender-style necks. Try Warmoth. Their website lists Fender-style necks with just about every combination of neck wood and fretboard material you can think of. They have a few other neck types, too. They also have the string guides. Installing them just involves drilling a small hole. They will probably do it for you if you have the neck finished by their people.