my gear is:epiphone sg-400
frontman 25r.
i've checked some effects(digitech df-7,rocktron delay and chorus,tonebone london) with the same guitar model and fender hot-rod and the distortion it sounded really bad with the effects.(probably because the salesman didn't eq it right)
is their any recommended effect for my in the price range of 70-200$ as a first effect?
you can get a used gmajor for that price range
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Do you need any effects? If not don't buy anything and use it to save up for better amp.
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No effect is going to sound great through a Frontman. I suggest a new amp, but if not, it really depends on what type of music you play.

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I echo what everyone else has said. Save up for a new amp.

That being said, the DF-7 is crap.
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... i have the money for the amp but my parents don't think a should buy an amp because I'm not in a band and playing with headphones alot.
I don't know what to do...
The DF7 on its own is terrible, but into a Frontman... that's like the aural equivalent of unlubricated anal rape.

Convince your parents to let you get a better amp first.
lets just propose that i could't convince them.
Is there any effect that would change my amp sound drastically in the price range?
I'm playing for 2 years and i have no teacher, do you think i should start taking lessons?
here is my channel, view some of my clips and answer.
For distortion? No, not really. A more expensive pedal such as a Blackstar Dist-X or English Muff'N might improve your tone a bit, but even they won't help much with that amp.

As far as effects go, things like chorus and phaser go okay, but not amazingly with that amp. Perhaps an EHX Small Clone and an MXR Phase 90 are worth looking at.
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The DF7 on its own is terrible, but into a Frontman... that's like the aural equivalent of unlubricated anal rape.

Convince your parents to let you get a better amp first.

I'd say, get something like a tech 21 Sansamp GT2 (or another sansamp model) as it really colors your tone alot and therefore it can sound good on even a cheap. They actually sound better on a full range system (a stereo amp, computer speakers, PA etc.)
Save up and get a new amp instead.
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did you even red my link?
i have about 400-500$ for gear and stuff but my parents wont allow me to spend so much money for what they call "gadget" and expendable stuff.
let me mention again and please don't answer before you do what i'll ask:
view some of my clips:http://www.youtube.com/user/sbhsbh100
and suggest some ideas(start taking lessons,doing something that will convince me parents to buy new gear)
If you are new to effect pedals, I recomment going with a cheap multi-fx pedal. My reasoning is. You have a whole bunch of different effects that you can mess with. You can find out what you like and don't like. Once you figure out what you like. Then start buying individual effect pedals.
Get lessons. Based on your vids, I think you could benefit alot from having someone to critique your playing and help you with stuff.
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1) Get a new amp without a doubt as the Fender Frontman is the worst amp I've ever played through. It makes a Marshall MG sound really good!!

2) If you use headphones as you're only playing at home, get rid of an amp altogether until you actually need one and buy somthing like a GT-10 or RP500. The amp modelling will sound incredible through headphones and you'll have all the effects you could wish for. The RP500 isn't too expensive and is actually quite good. I did this for a while and the combination of something like this with some decent wireless headphones is fantastic. The only reason I went back to using a conventional amp was because I joined a band and needed to sell the gear to buy a decent gigging amp.
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Based on your vids I'd say you would benefit from playing with drums and backing tracks. The GNX4 will allow to to put backing tracks on your multifx. I has drums, looper, 8 track recorder, and MP3 player. It's a great tool for recording and practice.
Don't you just love how you ask a simple pedal question and everyones response is always to get a new amp!

I'm with The Real Ming on this one. Sounds like you would benefit from buying a multiFX pedal. I would stay away from the cheaper ones and get one that's on the higher end of your budget. Possibly a used one so you can get an even better one.

This will give you an idea of what pedals you will use the most and may want to purchase in an individual pedal format.
I vote pod. 2.0 is what I have and it's great. Headphone jack is clear and there are endless tonal possiblities
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Don't you just love how you ask a simple pedal question and everyones response is always to get a new amp!

Well, when you're dissatisfied with your tone, you don't keep adding stuff, you change the problem...which is 90% of the time the amp.